2020 CoCo BEST Awards
BEST Online Quiz and Challenges
BESTMania Skills QuizTrenton High School
Outbreak Minecraft ChallengeDenison High School
Robot Modeling ChallengeDodd City
Engineering Drawings ChallengeGunter
Video Design ChallengeDenison High School
Website Design ChallengeGuyer
Software Design and Simulation AwardAllen High School

Robot Construction Special Award Categories
Founders's Award for Creative DesignMelissa High School
Most Elegant Robot AwardDenison High School
Workmanship AwardTrenton High School
BEST Project Engineering Notebook AwardTrenton High School
BEST Marketing Presentation AwardAllen High School
BEST Exhibit and Interview AwardTrenton High School
1st Place Game Competition AwardTrenton High School
2nd Place Game Competition AwardTexoma Home Educators
3rd Place Game Competition AwardBells High School
Finalist Game Competition AwardMelissa High School
Igus Top Gun AwardTrenton
(700 points in 1 round)
Blood, Sweat, & Duct Tape AwardSulphur Springs Middle School
1st Place BEST AwardTrenton High School
2nd Place BEST AwardTexoma Home Educators
3rd Place BEST AwardAllen High School