2014 Awards
2014 AwardsTeams
BEST Award
1st PlaceEreckson Middle School **
2nd PlaceSAIL Homeschool **
3rd PlaceFarmersville High School
FinalistiSchool High
Game Winners
1st PlaceCaddo Mills High School **
2nd PlaceFarmersville High School **
3rd PlaceSAIL Home School **
FinalistDenison High School **
Most Robust AwardFarmersville High School
Exhibit Design and Construction AwardEreckson Middle School
Carl Takle Judges' Choice AwardPrinceton High School
High School Judges' Choice Award Cornerstone Christian Academy
Founder's Award for Creative Design Denison High School
Most Elegant Robot AwardCaddo Mills High School
Most Photogenic AwardAllen High School
Blood, Sweat, & Duct Tape AwardGuyer High School
Nick Nickelberry Sportsmanship AwardCelina Junior High School
Best T-Shirt Design AwardiSchool High
Best Web Site Design AwardGunter High School

Schools marked with ** will advance to the Texas BEST Regional Championship!

And a one time only award based on this game to the school that killed the most endangered species Lesser Prairie Chickens in the seeding rounds...

Prairie Chicken AwardProsper High School

...with a total of 10 kills! (That's an average of 2 in each match they played!)